2016 Results

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Products and services, technology and machinery from all aspects of the forestry sector, from conservation and
reforestation to product marketing, were exhibited by 296 national and international companies.

The exhibitors were both national and international public and private forestry companies, forestry organizations, ejidos (farming cooperatives) and forest communities, forestry machinery manufacturers, academic and research institutions, government and credit institutions and other actors in the industry’s value chain.

• 3 Three International Pavilions: Germany, the US and Sweden.
• Pavilion CONAFOR
• Production Chain Pavilion featuring companies from 18 states: Baja California Sur, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Durango, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz y Zacatecas.
• 17 State Pavilions: Baja California, Baja California Sur, Campeche, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, Estado de México, Hidalgo, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Sonora, Tabasco, Veracruz y Zacatecas
• Pavilion for Wood Housing
• Pavilion for Suppliers of Forest Nursery consumables
• Forest Plantations Pavilion
• Environmental Sector Pavilion
• Financial Pavilion


For the first time, there was a Machinery Demonstration area: an exhibition area of machinery and equipment working in real time with complete sawing lines at the Expo Abierta with live demonstrations during the three days of the event. German and US brands participated.

The purpose of this area of 450 m² net was to demonstrate that technology makes the sawing process more eficient and rewards the company by reducing production costs due to energy savings and an increase in finished product sustainably.

Pest control demonstrations were also given.

The Campus Expo Forestal was presented during the exhibition. This is an initiative undertaken jointly with Reforestamos México A.C. and the Joven Emprendedor Forestal initiative, making a total of 16 projects from universities and technological institutes throughout the country seeking investment to be put into practice. Some of these winning projects were: biodegradable bamboo containers, disposable coconut fiber dishes, an alarm system for forest fires and Nopal (Opuntia) and Aloe Vera candies, among others.

The initiative enjoyed the participation of 3,000 people, who visited the 144 m² pavilion, and the organization of 16 talks –using the Charlas Forestales stage- to present the results of the 16 projects.

The third meeting of the European Union’s Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico, which organizes business missions in different countries as well as in Mexico, was held simultaneously. The objective of the mission was to strengthen the forestry and agricultural sector in particular. Twenty-three companies from the Community participated in the event, with the presence of Mr. Andrew Standley, Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico, who was also on the stand during the inauguration ceremony.

For the first time three technical tours were organized in the context of the Expo Forestal, on Tuesday October 11. There were 116 participants in these tours, with the public featuring university students, exhibitors, pubic oficials and the media (Innovation at Expo)

A total of 2,298 people attended keynote speeches, thematic panel discussions and forestry talks as part of the Technical Program.

Three Keynote Speeches: 1,322 participants

• Johannes Schwendele / Sales Director for Latin America,
Dieffenbacher, machinery and industrial plants
– Topic: New Technologies in the Manufacture of MDF Panels
– Participants: 207

Dr. José Saruhkán Kermez / National Coordinator, CONABIO
– Topic: Use for the Conservation of Biodiversity
– Participants: 733

José Manuel Hernández / Managing Director, Arauco
– Topic: Productive Forest Diversification and the Experience of Arauco in its Business Growth
– Participants: 382

Four Themed panels with 25 speakers and 976 attendees

– “Perspective of the Incorporation of Biodiversity in Sustainable Forest Management and Local Development” with an audience of 346.
– “Conservation of Biodiversity in Forestry Production: advances and challenges” with an audience of 185.
– “National Forest Fund, a Novel Credit Scheme for Forestry Projects” with an audience of 297.
– “Financing, a Key Component for Promoting Sustainable Forestry Production” with an audience of 148.

31 Business presentations

35 Forestry talks on the exhibition floor with 2,800 participants.
There were 31 speakers from Mexico and 3 international speakers.

Business meetings: 383 meetings were held during which $697,673,914.00 million pesos in promises of purchase or sale for forestry products and services were made. Representatives from 264 companies participated, with these companies being from the fields of timber and non-timber forest products, technology, services and other related fields.

The dominant area was timber products with 50% of appointments, while non-timber forest products such as wax, resins, honey and medicinal plants, among others, accounted for 12%. In the area of services, the contracting commitments represented 17.9% which signifies a return to figures from 2014, with appointments including technical forestry assistance, from Dendroenergía, nature tourism, among others. Transactions for machinery and equipment represented 15% with the “others” category accounting for 6%.

Children’s Area. Club de Savi.
The Club de Savi was launched again during this edition with a total of 930 participants. Seven buses helped transport 250 children from schools in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area while another 100 arrived with their parents.

Attendance at this year’s inaugural ceremony was successful, filling the hall to its maximum capacity with the presence of more than 1,700 people.

The event featured the presence of and speeches by: Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT); Jorge Rescala Pérez, Director of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), Aristotle Sandoval Díaz, Governor of Jalisco, and Annika Thunborg, Ambassador of Sweden
to Mexico.

Expo Guadalajara Forum
October 12:00 – 19:00 hours

Exhibitors and visitors gathered at this cocktail reception hosted by CONAFOR and attended by the Folkloric Ballet of the University of Guadalajara, with music and traditional dance from different states of the Republic. The event had an audience of roughly 600 people.

Of particular note were the media activities:
Two press conferences, held in Mexico City and the City of Guadalajara

Guadalajara press conference
Objective: the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) announced that, starting from the 2016 edition, Guadalajara would be established as the Forest Expo’s permanent home.
Date: April 13, 2016, at 11:00 am, in the Onyx Hall of the Jalisco Industrialist´s Club.

The following people participated:
• José Medina Mora de León, Coordinator of Education and Technological Development of CONAFOR
• José Navarro Meneses, Director General, E.J. Krause de México
• C. Sergio Ríos, West Central Regional Coordinator of the Export Promotion Unit, PROMEXICO.
9 Media attendees: Milenio, Notisistema, Notimex, C7 Jalisco, Crónica Jalisco, Línea Informativa de Occidente, Radio DK 1250, Televisa and TV Azteca.

Mexico City Press conference
Objective: to announce details of the event and innovations for the 2016 edition.
Date: September 21, 2016, on the 51st floor of the Torre Mayor in Mexico City,

The following people participated:
• Jorge Rescala Pérez, Director General of the National Forestry Commission
• José Medina Mora de León, Coordinator of Education and Technological Development of CONAFOR
• José Navarro Meneses, Director General, E.J. Krause de México
12 Media attendees: El Economista, Excélsior, Milenio, Mi Ambiente, Revista Vita, Tecnología Ambiental, Grupo Imagen, Green TV, Voz de la Sociedad, Maderas y Más, La Crónica and Notimex.

Media tour:
A press tour was held prior to the event to promote the construction of timber housing with the company Santa Fe Cabins.
This was widely covered in the press and on the CONAFOR website.
Date: August 26, 2016, Mexico City
10 Media attendees: Notimex, Milenio, El Economista, Agencia MTV, Voz de la Sociedad, la Meta del Planeta, Mexico Travels, Mi ambiente, Revista Esquire.

The following people participated:
Gustavo López Mendoza, State Manager, National Forestry Commission. Topic: Production chains
• José Medina Mora, Coordinator of Education and Technological Development, National Forestry Commission. Topic: Promoting the development of timber housing in the framework of the Forestry Expo 2016
• Manuel Elorza, Director of COMACO. Topic: Timber Housing Contest
• Romeo Erick Basáñez García, Managing Director, Santa Fe Cabins. Topic: The success of timber housing and its presence at Expo Forestal 2016.

Specialized Articles
Six articles were written focusing on the three themes of the event: CONAFOR Conserves the Forest of Fireflies, Presence of Wild Species Confirmed in Mexico City, Genetic Forestry Resources Kept in Laboratory, CONAFOR Promotes Living Pharmacies, Reforestation Campaign and Low Rate of Deforestation in Mexico.

Activities during Expo Forestal Week
Media tour in the State of Jalisco for invited journalists (TV Azteca, Notimex and Milenio) to visit the: Bosque Relicto, Germplasm Bank and Sawmill. This was coordinated by the CONAFOR.

Activities tour during the event itself, including a visit to the machinery Demonstration Area. Interviews were held with the head of CONAFOR, an Agreement was signed and a press conference held on the Joint Strategy for Sustainable Forest Development in Protected Natural Areas. The conference was attended by Dr. Mohammad Mohammad, FPInnovations, Canada, who was interviewed and gave a paper on Timber Skyscrapers.

Organization of Interviews for Land Life Company, ALPULSENSIS handicrafts and products, the Union of Community Forestry Organizations and a press conference in the Press Room with Robotics Galu.
The management of social networks was the responsibility of CONAFOR as well as the content generated during the event.
276 press registrations at the event.

Social Networks and Web Page

To October 20 there were 297 media articles on the subject of the Expo Forestal. There were 13 press releases, one blog and four photogalleries.

For the same period, on YouTube the Expo Forestal material was viewed 624 times.
On October 12, #ExpoForestal was number 57 on the list of the 335 most talked about topics on Twitter nationally.

Here were 326 tweets, with the greatest impact generating 5,045 visits. The Expo Forestal hashtag had 7.9 million interactions with 5,845 users.
There were 37 publications on Facebook with 180 photos, 7 videos, 29 texts and 1 live transmission. The
most-watched video was reproduced 820 times and the most widely read publication reached 13,154 people after being shared 100 times.

People registering with the CONAFOR IT platforms.

705 people subscribed to the magazine “Innovación Forest@l” during the three days of the expo.
371 people registered with the System for Control and Follow-up on Research Projects during the three days of the expo.

Analytics by Google of
For this edition the domain was created, which served to promote the event and include links on the main Expo Forestal page to such content as: registration for the Business Encounter, Campus Expo Forestal and registration for visitors to Expo Forestal.

From January to October 2016 there were 2,045 visits to the web page involving 1,856 different users with 4,315 views generated by the different page sections. 90.4% were new visitors and 9.6% frequent visitors, which indicates that the web page serves as a tool to attract the public interested in visiting the event for the first time or people wishing to participate in the event who go to the page in search of information.

With regards to the language of the page, only 4.21% visited the content in English and the rest used Spanish. The ten countries with the greatest number of unique users were: Mexico (75%); United Kingdom (15%), United States (1.6%), Spain (.93%); Guatemala (0.49%); Chile (0.44%); Costa Rica (0.44%); Argentina (039%); Germany (0.39%) and those who did not specify (1.17%).

According to analysis, improvements should be made to user interaction with the page to attract the attention of surfers who reach the page after clicking on an advertising link.

Data for on-line registration for Expo Forestal 2016.

In comparison with 2014, on-line registration increased by 8%. The majority of visitors registered physically at the event. Some visitors passed directly to the open expo, technical tours and business meetings areas without oficially registering.

Economic results of Expo Forestal 2016
Economic benefits from exhibition site.
The total economic benefits generated by Expo Guadalajara in 2015 were reported as $12,439.2 million pesos . This figure does not reflect the business meetings held, solely floor sales and sales by suppliers at the site.
The total direct economic benefits generated by Expo Forestal in 2016 were $299,502,320. As a means of general comparison, this figure would correspond to approximately 2.4% of the total benefits generated at Expo Guadalajara the previous year.

Floor Sales:
The combined sales for the three days of the event, using results from 248 companies interviewed, show direct sales of $299,502,320 (two hundred ninety nine million, five hundred two thousand three hundred twenty pesos 00/100 M.N.) Floor sales featured five states in particular: Chihuahua, Durango, Oaxaca, Jalisco and Tlaxcala.

The Expo Forestal 2018 will be held October 10 to 12 at the Expo Guadalajara, in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Expo Forestal